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30 Albemarle Avenue - RIVERDALE (UPDATE)

30 Albemarle Avenue - RIVERDALE (UPDATE)

This is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on an 18.92 x 120 foot lot at 30 Albemarle Avenue in Riverdale.

If that address sounds familiar, it is because it is down the street from the house of Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip...

His house was located at 1 Albemarle Avenue and was listed initially at $2,495,000.  After a price drop to $2,249,000, it sold for $2,230,000.

This house has one more bedroom, but it is a semi and on a lot that is less than half the size.

But the interior is brand new because this is a flip.

It used to look like this...

When it was listed in February for $765,000.

It was a Toronto Community House and according to their site, the net revenue was $974,841 so I guess it sold around $1 million.

It is now listed at $1,599,000.

Is it a $1.6 house?

Well, it is a semi, but it is done top to bottom.  And if this is your style, it is great.  I normally don't love glass wall staircases, but I like it here.  And I like the half wall/half glass wall at the front door.  I'm just not crazy about that IKEA shoe storage thing.

I like the light floors with the white walls and the black windows.  I don't love that stone wall where the fireplace should be, but the kitchen is great.  And though I would prefer more of a site line to the backyard where the fridge is, this layout works really well.  

The bedrooms are a fair size but they don't have closets.  But the third floor master has a full dressing area though and that master bath is kind of amazing.

I am not a fan of the pea gravel or the mulch in the backyard, but I suppose there weren't a lot of options this time of year, and I would want to paint that orange-ish fence.

But overall, this is a great house with 2 parking spots.  

And considering that the comparable 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom on a 16.33 x 115 foot semi with 2 parking spots at 196 Bain Avenue that backed onto the park...

Sold for $1,455,000 in March 2015...

And at 10% compounded interest, that would make it a $1,600,000 house today...

Then maybe $1,599,000 isn't too far off....maybe even $1,639,000.

That closet situation though...


 Turns out this house sold on Monday after 9 days on the market for $1,588,000.




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