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53 Wilson Park Road - PARKDALE (UPDATE)

53 Wilson Park Road - PARKDALE (UPDATE)

This is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom detached house on a 28.08 x 148.50 foot lot just south of Queen Street West at 53 Wilson Park Road in Parkdale.

It is a beautiful house....inside and out.

Actually, I freaking love this house.  There is so much about it that I wouldn't expect to like, but the more I look at it, the more I want to move in with ALL the furniture.

Everything but the master bed...

Those steps are an accident waiting to happen!

Otherwise, I LOVE it.

The first floor layout is basically the same layout as the house of the semi at

391 Palmerston Street in Palmerston


That was listed at $1,499,000 and

sold for $2,110,000.

This house is kind of dark throughout and the trim is all the natural wood which I am not normally crazy about.  But in this house, it's perfect.

There is dark wood everywhere and the kitchen is all dark walbut except for the small part of wall behind the stove.

And it looks great.  Actually, there is something about that kitchen that reminds me of a kitchen done in the Annex (I think) by a designer who I can't remember who redid that Annex kitchen in a similar feel.  There were back stairs that went into that kitchen that she had closed off above, but left the remaining bottom stairs and used it as a bar.  Anyone know who I am talking about?  


 Turns out the kitchen I was talking about was THIS kitchen.  It was done by Jenn Hannotte, the former owner of the house at 63 Parkway Avenue in Roncesvalles...

Here is a photo of the bar...

That is in this house....

(thanks to the reader for sending in the link to these photos!)

Upstairs, the rooms are a good size.  The bathroom wouldn't normally be my thing but it works really well in this house.

The third floor has the large master suite and an office (which I think might be the 4th bedroom). Like the rest of the house, the master bath is all dark wood.

And I love it.

By the way, have I told you how much I like this house?

Only thing is, for a lot of people, it might not be the best location.

Which is why it is listed for less than the final selling price of the Palmerston semi.

This house is listed at $1,800,000.

I think it will sell closer to $2,100,000.  

If there is a good AC unit on the third floor (there is one above the closet), then maybe more.

(thanks to G for sending this in!)



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