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119 Benson Avenue - WYCHWOOD

119 Benson Avenue - WYCHWOOD

This is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom semi on a 20.85 x 116.58 foot lot at 119 Benson Avenue.

It's located across the street from the house at

110 Benson Avenue that sold in June


But that

I originally posted in October 2012.

In that post, I pointed out that it was located across the street from a house that had been featured in a

Toronto Life House Wars Article


According to that article, the owners were Carlie Brand and her husband 

Matthew Slutsky, the founder and president of

BuzzBuzzHome, a website that catalogues new residential developments in North America.

They bought the house in April 2012.

And it is a great house.

There is lots of living space and a finished basement that has a nicely stocked bar...

 There are 4 bedrooms (though I think one may be really small because there is no photo).  

It has a great backyard, a large rooftop deck, and 2 parking spots.

The kitchen has a great layout which has probably seen a few parties...

 Though some readers might not love the cabinets that are not custom.  

But if this is something that


bugged you, maybe you could get new upper doors that go to the ceiling.

Or you could remove them altogether, and the backsplash which I'm not crazy about, and do open shelving (my choice).  

And if you wanted to change the countertops, a waterfall counter on the island would make that feel a little more substantial and custom as well.

Or you could forget all that and build a 3 storey addition because there is lots of space to do so...

But as it is, it is still a great house.

In 2012, the 2 bedroom house across the street at

110 Benson Avenue sold for $980,000

after being listed at $899,000.

This past June, it

sold again for $1,094,000.

According to the

Toronto Life article

 from 2012, this house was being renovated for a summer 2012 sale but was purchased by the current owners in a private sale for $860,000 in April 2012.

The current asking price $1,049,000.

I think it will probably sell closer to $1,245,000...

If not more.

There are 3

Le Creusets


P.S.  What's this?

191 Withrow Avenue - RIVERDALE

191 Withrow Avenue - RIVERDALE