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140 Leslie Street - LESLIEVILLE

140 Leslie Street - LESLIEVILLE

This is a 3+1 bedroom, 3 bathroom semi on a 16.5 x 80 foot lot at 140 Leslie Street just north of Queen Street East in Leslieville.

Considering that it was being renovated in July 2015...

(those guys look super fun)

And it looked like this in September 2014...

I'm guessing it's a flip.

And if it weren't for the white kitchen, and the fact that there are no claw foot tubs and the railings are a little different...

I would have thought this was a

Barn Door Flip.

The front looks like their other flips at

196 Grace Street in Bickford Park


And there is a lot of exposed brick.

But I like this house better than those flips because I prefer the white kitchen, I like the dark painted doors, and it just seems like a brighter house than the Barn Door Flips.

I wish there was a bigger window in the kitchen over looking the backyard but that isn't possible with the laundry and bathroom.  And the 2 bedrooms upstairs are tiny.

But overall, this is a good house with a nice finished basement.

It's located across the street from the 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house at 

125 Leslie Street


That sold for $763,000 in March 2013...

So, the asking price of $1,089,000 is probably about right.

But when you consider that the semi down the street at

105 Leslie Street...

That I thought was WAAAY underpriced at $749,000 

sold for $865,000

 in February 2015.

This price might be a little high.

But I still think it will sell at list.


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