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73 Metcalfe Street - CABBAGETOWN

73 Metcalfe Street - CABBAGETOWN

This is a 3+2 bedroom, 5 bathroom detached house on a 28 x 94.25 foot lot at 73 Metcalfe Street in Cabbagetown...

And thanks to the reader who sent in the listing because when I looked at photos of it last week, I didn't recognized it AT ALL.

As it turns out, this house is...

 This house...

The house with the living room that looked like this...

It was listed in May 2014 for $899,000.  It sold for $940,000.

From the streetview from last spring, it looks like this is a rebuild and not a new build...

And I think the neighbour is probably pretty happy about it...

Not only is the place cleaned up and totally redone, there was also a third storey addition that makes it fit in more with the neighbours.

The inside of this renovated house is open and airy.  Maybe too airy because the open second floor and third floor took away from possible rooms for kids.  But this is a great condo alternative for a couple and there are still 2 good bedrooms plus the master for a family with 2 kids.

And without that open space, it wouldn't be the same house.

The kitchen is large and, though it's not what I would normally go for, it's amazing.

The family room space is huge with huge walls of glass that open all the way to the backyard.

I just wish this cement stuff wasn't in the backyard...

But I suppose that could be removed.

This house is a great move in ready house.  It is now listed at $2,499,900.

I don't think it will sit for long.


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AND IT WENT FOR - 337 Wellesley Street East - CABBAGETOWN

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