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181 Crescent Road - ROSEDALE

181 Crescent Road - ROSEDALE

This is a 6+1 bedroom, 7 bathroom house on a 50 x 254.90 foot lot at 181 Crescent Road in south Rosedale.

It's a house that I mentioned in the post for the house across the street at

176 Crescent Road


That was listed in November 2014 for $5,195,000.  I pointed out that if that was your budget, this house probably would have been a better buy...

Because it was listed in 2012 for around $3.3 and sold around $3.1.  With $2 million, you could easily have a renovation that would be comparible, if not better, than the reno at 176 Crescent Road.

Here are the


photos from that listing in 2012...

Obviously, there was A LOT of work done here but it had amazing potential.

According to the listing, it is a 'designer's own home'...

Which it probably is.

But considering that it was listed in 2012 when I think it sold close to $3.1, and the fact that it has been totally renovated...

I'm thinking it is a 'designer's own flip'.

According to the streetview...

The designer is Colette Volk of

Colette Volk Design.

And according to this

Canadian House and Home


She lived in that Chaplin Estates house until as recently as May 2014.

So, she may have lived here for a year (I assume), but this is most likely a flip.

And a VERY well done flip.

I think a lot of walls were torn out because the before photos consist of a lot of little rooms.  The floors were all redone with in-floor heating.  The kitchen is new and the bathrooms are new.

Basically, it is all new.

I love the floors and the 


 wallpaper in the dining room...

 I also love the idea of the bar in the living room.  I'm just not loving the colour...

(maybe it is less blue in person)

The rest of the house is equally well done.  A lot of it might not be my first choice but, if this is your style, it's amazing.

And it comes with this wine cellar...

I'm just not sure they are throwing in the wine.

This house sold around $3.1 in 2012.  It is now listed at $5,875,000.

Considering that the house at 176 Crescent Road

sold for $4,530,000 a year ago


It might be a little high.

But that house was a 15 year old reno and it had an exposed side yard.

And this could be a better option to many than the house around the corner at

75 South Drive


That I am pretty sure never sold at its 2nd price drop to $6,195,000...

Even though it

sold for $6,000,000 in February 2013.

So, does this house make sense at $5.9 million?


If the bus stop out front isn't an issue...

But, it does have a

Le Creuset


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