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592 Manning Avenue - PALMERSTON

592 Manning Avenue - PALMERSTON

This is a 4+2 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 20 x 120 foot lot with 2 parking spots at 592 Manning Avenue in Palmerston.

It is a flip of a house that used to look like this when 

I posted it in February 2014


It had been listed at $649,990 and, after 30 offers, it 

sold for $908,000.

But according to one of the 21 comments made on that post (and speaking of comments, I'm trying to find the best solution for all so bear with me!)...

It apparently sold for $1,112,500.

Whatever it sold for, this house has been flipped and it is a good reno for the most part.  It's a little Ledbury Park-ish for downtown Toronto, but still not a bad reno.

I am not super crazy about the kitchen and the basement flooring isn't the best.

But it is a separate income unit which may appeal to a lot of people in this neighbourhood.

It is now listed at $1,488,800.

That is pretty low for a house with this many bedrooms in this neighbourhood and it will probably sell closer to $1,635,000.

I'm just not sure it will get 30 offers like the last time it was for sale.


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