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SOLD - 16 Silver Avenue - RONCESVALLES

SOLD - 16 Silver Avenue - RONCESVALLES

I really, really like this house.

It is a 3+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom semi on a 17.5 x 70 foot lot at 16 Silver Avenue at the north end of Roncesvalles.

I'm not loving the front, but the inside is great.  It sort of reminds me of the row house at 54 Elm Grove Avenue in Parkdale...

That sold for $970,000 at the end of March, but a little less 'country' (for lack of a better word).

According to the listing, it is a back to the brick and underpinned reno that was done in 2012.  This is what it looked like before...

So, on the outside, they kind of just worked with what they had.

But on the inside, it's great.  There are built-ins everywhere that don't look weird (sometimes, I am not a fan of built-ins because they can look out of place).  The floors are great.  The kitchen is good.  The bathrooms are done really well.

And though it doesn't have a big lot, I really like the backyard and that door.  I didn't know you could get a sidelight window that was also a door.

The only problem is that it doesn't have parking.

It was listed last week for $899,900.

It sold in 6 days...

For $1,150,000.


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