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SOLD - 4 Ridley Gardens - RONCESVALLES

SOLD - 4 Ridley Gardens - RONCESVALLES

I love this house.

Even with the ivy that always gives me the creeps.

It is a 3+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom semi on an 18.33 x 70.5 foot lot with no parking spots. 

Currently, it is set up as a 1 bedroom house with 2 offices (if that's the right word for that room with the loom) with an open concept potential income suite in the basement.

And I love the feel of it and how it is furnished.

I like how they switched the living room and dining room, and I love the green floor in the kitchen.  

The kitchen itself isn't huge but it is bright and the way it is set up makes it feel larger.

The bathroom isn't very big but it is functional.  The bedrooms are a good size and bright.  And the third floor is a great guest/office space.  

Or it could have an addition take over that rooftop deck to create a master suite which would make it a proper 3+1 bedroom house.

The listing price was $899,000.



in 1 day...

For $1,015,000.


82 Shaftesbury Avenue - SUMMERHILL

82 Shaftesbury Avenue - SUMMERHILL

186 Wallace Avenue - JUNCTION TRIANGLE

186 Wallace Avenue - JUNCTION TRIANGLE