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On Friday, May 13, a reader sent in this listing (thanks G!).

It was a 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 18.92 x 65 foot lot at 11 Edith Avenue just north of Dupont in the Junction Triangle.

And it had been listed for a while.  As the reader pointed out...

First they overpriced it (just below or just over $800K, as I recall)

It didn't sell.

Then the reader mentioned...

So now it's offered at $1 by an agent from Brampton... Flip? Anyway...

Anyway is right.  

I love a $1 listing because really, the house is going to sell for whatever the market demands, not the actual asking price.  But even if the house sold for $650,000...

This house?

It's not an awesome house with a front that looked a lot better before...

And this was a blatant attempt at getting publicity.  

Four days later, there was an article in the

Toronto Star.  As that article mentioned, the agent who was also the owner had actually listed the house originally at $899,000...

And in that article, the agent/owner stated...

“The housing market here is crazy,” 

“The dollar is going to get a lot of interest so we’ll get the highest possible price.”

The listing also said...

“Best Offer Wins For Sure 100%,”

But the agent/owner said...

He is not willing to take less than $700,000.

Then the reader who sent in the house to begin with mentioned...

It's even more of a sh*tshow than we thought! ;)

Five days later, another reporter from

the Toronto Star wrote an article this past Sunday titled 'Toronto Real Estate Gimmickry Hits the Limit of Our Patience'.

The article pointed out that...

The selling price is determined, really, by what people are willing to pay for that kind of house in that location

I thought people would be willing to pay $650,000 for this house in this location.



on Sunday...

For $655,000.

Or 27% LESS than the initial asking price.

photos via google images

31 Summerhill Avenue - SUMMERHILL

31 Summerhill Avenue - SUMMERHILL

18 Bowden Street - RIVERDALE

18 Bowden Street - RIVERDALE