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SOLD - 156 Old Forest Hill Road - FOREST HILL NORTH

SOLD - 156 Old Forest Hill Road - FOREST HILL NORTH

This is a 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom house on an 83.7 x 130 foot lot at 156 Old Forest Hill Road in North Forest Hill.

I first posted it in January 2013 with this listing photo...

It had first been listed in October 2012 with an asking price of $2,699,000.

It is pretty traditional, but there is something about it that I love.  It was large and there were lots of bedrooms (I have included the floor plans from the last listing)...

The basement was a good size and it had a garage with a space on the side where a mudroom could be built...

(Why hasn't that happened yet?)

But considering that it was basically located right on Bathurst...

And backs on to what will be the Forest Hill subway station...

Even though I loved the house (and would love it even more with some updates), I thought it was a little overpriced.

I was thinking it would sell closer to $2,399,000.  It sold in February 2013 for $2,400,000.

Two weeks ago, it was back on the market for $2,895,888.

It sold in 9 days...

For $2,720,000 (a 4% annual increase).


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