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117 Glen Road - ROSEDALE

117 Glen Road - ROSEDALE

At the time, I said...

It is ready for a full gut and it better not be by a flipper!

But I mentioned that with a $4,500,000 price tag, it was probably out of a flippers budget to make sense...unless you could sell the side yard property to fund it.

After almost 4 months on the market, it finally sold for $3,218,300.

As I said in my first post...

Whoever buys it better not mess it up.  This is a beautiful old Toronto mansion and the building should stay as it is.  Don't mess with it.  Just make it better!

But then I saw the finished product from the outside at the end of 2014...

And with that super black paint, I got a flipper vibe...

Kind of like the house across the street at 116 Glen Road...

But then it sat for over a year without being listed so I assumed it was a reno that was not done by a flipper.

Then a few readers sent in the recent listing for this house that is now a 5+1 bedroom, 9 bathroom, 9,000 square foot house with a 2 car garage asking about my thoughts.

It wasn't back on the market right away but it didn't sit for too long so...it was probably a flip.

And I was a little worried about the inside considering that I am not a fan at all of what they did on the outside.


I think I kind of like it!  

It's still kind of dark on the inside with the dark wood.  But with the concrete floor, I don't find it overpowering. 

The art throughout the house (and there is LOT of freaking art) is kind of giving me a 'Collection of your Worst Childhood Nightmares' vibe...

And I don't love most of the furniture...

But as far as a high end flip goes, I like it.  I think it is pretty versatile in style.

This house sold for $3.2.  They probably put at least that in again for the reno and addition (they forgot to do a garage!) which would make it a somewhere between a $6-8 million house.

According to the listing where most of the photos are from...

This house is listed at $12,000,000.

According to the Realtor.ca listing that has different photos featuring a dog and a couple cats...

 And some summer photos of the back of the house...

This house is actually listed at $11,600,000.

But either way, I think it's too high.

At least it's cheaper that the price drop of the house in my last post at 120 Inglewood Drive!

photo listing

dog listing



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