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26 Austin Crescent - CASA LOMA

26 Austin Crescent - CASA LOMA

This is a 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 73.5 x 112.16 foot lot with a 1 car garage and 2 parking spaces at 26 Austin Crescent in Casa Loma.

It's hard to get a very good feel of the house from the photos, but for the most part, it looks like a good sized, up-to-date house with a modern kitchen and modern bathrooms.

And according to the reader who sent it in (thanks!), 'rumour' is this house belongs to the founder and owner of

Terroni Restaurants

, Cosimo Mammoliti seen here with his wife Elena Mammoliti...

I wasn't so sure so I did a Canada411.com reverse search...

And sure enough, it is the home of C. Mammoliti.

From what I can see of the hosue, I really like it.  They have kept a lot of the character of the house while updating it with the kitchen and bathrooms.  And there is a great backyard with a pool and a one bedroom, 2 storey coach house with its own drive...

I'm just not sure it would be awesome to back onto the parking lot of the Toronto Grace Health Centre...

And from the shot of the backyard, you can see the building is actually closer than it looks in the aerial view...

Otherwise, this is a great house.

But maybe the price is a little high because it has been on the market for 3 weeks.

It is listed at $3,500,000.

Price drop to $3,250,000 soon?  Maybe. 



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