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PRICE DROP - 10 High Point Road - BRIDLE PATH

PRICE DROP - 10 High Point Road - BRIDLE PATH

When I posted this 24,000 square foot, 7+3 bedroom, 13 bathroom house on a 303.38 x 330 foot lot at 10 High Point Road...

I mentioned that at first I thought it was the home of Shark Tank investor, Robert Herjavec and his wife, Diane Plese...

Turns out it was owned by another billionaire...

Alex Shnaider...

The steel magnate who has the majority stake in Toronto's Trump Tower...

And he apparently owns the top floor penthouse.

According to The Mansion Project website, the Shnaiders bought this property in 2006 for $4.3 million. 

They hired designer Katherine Newman to help them fix it up.

And unlike the house at 16 High Point Road, the actual house of Robert Herjavec and Diane Plese, and the house in my last post....

This house doesn't need any work.

And I as far as Bridle Path mansions go, I really like this house.  Just look at the bar!

It was first listed in July 2014 for $28,800,000.

For some reason, a little over a week later, the price was increased to $28,880,000.

It never sold and I have been waiting for the price to drop for the last 2 years.

But I guess it took Herjavec and Plese's house to be listed at $18,800,000 to get that to happen because a week after that house was listed at the beginning of June...

This house finally had a price drop last week.

The new price for this house (that doesn't need updating or repairs, unlike 16 High Point) is...



AND IT WENT FOR - 51 Bernard Avenue - ANNEX

AND IT WENT FOR - 51 Bernard Avenue - ANNEX

16 High Point Road - BRIDLE PATH

16 High Point Road - BRIDLE PATH