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SOLD - 163 Macpherson Avenue - SUMMERHILL

SOLD - 163 Macpherson Avenue - SUMMERHILL

This is a 3 bedroom, 5 bathroom semi with 2 parking spots on a 18.75 x 120 foot lot at 163 Summerhill Avenue in Summerhill.

It's located next door to the semi that I posted at the beginning of June at 161 Macpherson Avenue...

And as you can see from the listing photo at the top, this house has clearly been listed for a while because the house at 161 still has the white porch.

This house was first listed in November 2015 when the asking price was $2,400,000...

Or maybe it was earlier considering this video was done in June 2015...

Before that, it had previously been listed in March 2012 for $1,150,000.  

So, either these people were insane to ask so much or the house had a total renovation.

But considering this is what it looked like in May 2012...

I'm guessing this was a full gut.

And I really like it.  Though I'm not crazy about those tiles in the kitchen and I am having a love/hate thing with the fireplace...

As a whole, this is a terrific house.

But $2,400,000 a year ago?  That would be like $2,640,000 now....which is a little high for a 3 bedroom.

On June 8th, the house next door at 161 Macpherson Avenue that was a 4 bedroom semi sold for $2,250,000.

And on the same day (or maybe it was earlier), the price for this house was raised...

 To $2,450,000.

But it did have a more open feel to the backyard and in general was a lot brighter and felt bigger.

Three weeks after the house at 161 sold for $2.25, this house sold...

For $2,400,000.

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