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10 Highland Avenue - ROSEDALE

10 Highland Avenue - ROSEDALE

This is a 6+1 bedroom, 10 bathroom house on a 105 foot wide lot at 10 Highland Avenue in Rosedale.

It is a Joe Brennan design, the same architect who is currently selling the $10,950,000 church conversion at 510 College Street in Palmerston...

And according to the listing...

This Opus Of Brennan Custom Homes Forges A Residential Legacy For The Most Exacting Buyer.

Because of the trees in the listing photo, it's kind of hard to get a good look at the front but tobuilt.ca has a good photo that shows the whole thing without the trees covering it...

It's a REALLY big house.

It is home to Rob McEwen, founder and former chairman and CEO of Goldcorp Inc., and current chairman and CEO of McEwen Mining Inc. and Chairman of Lexam VG Cold Inc, and his wife, Cheryl McEwen, President and CEO of Make My Day Foods Inc.and cofounder with her husband of the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine.

Here they are in this house in a publicity shot for the $10,000,000 donation they made to the Laurentian University's School of Architecture...

According to a 2012 article in the Globe and Mail,  the McEwens had donated up to $50 million by that point including a donation to the Toronto General Hospital that was substantial enough to name the new atrium of the hospital the R. R. McEwen Atrium...

So, it kind of makes sense that they live in a huge house.  

This is in fact a 17,000 square foot house that sits on almost an acre of land (that looks like it used to be 2 houses)...

 With an amazing 'parklike' backyard...

Only minutes to downtown so it also makes sense that it would be really expensive, even if the style of the house is a little more traditional than you might be into (see kitchen floors).

But $27,500,000!?!?!

That seems really high.

Maybe they plan on donating a half.

UPDATED:  To add video...

And first level floor plan...

And to point out that this house used to belong to Steve Hudson, the former (and current?) owner of Hair Club for Men and now Chief Executive of Element Financial Corp..  According to this 2003 article from the Globe and Mail, Hudson and his wife Sharon built the house in 1994.  In September 2002, it was put on the market for $17.5 million.  By November 2002, the house had sold to the McEwen (whose holdings at the time in GoldCorp were worth $140 million).

The rumoured selling price in 2003 was $10 million.


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90 Macpherson Avenue - SUMMERHILL

90 Macpherson Avenue - SUMMERHILL

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