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66 Tranby Avenue - ANNEX

66 Tranby Avenue - ANNEX

It was a good 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a 14.96 x 101.33 foot lot that had been renovated in 2005 but still looked current.  It was listed at $1,849,900.  It sold for $1,869,000.

This house is located across the street and it is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 22.5 x 99.2 foot lot with 1 parking spot.

And like the house at 69 Tranby Avenue, this house has been fully renovated.  But this is a very recent renovation.

As recently as May 2015 when this streetview was taken...

The house had yet to be renovated and the blinds that were closed in 2009...

In 2010...

In 2012...

And in 2014...

Were still closed then (were they ever opened!?!).

But as recently as May 2016, the blinds were gone and this house was still in the middle of the renovation...

According to the listing...

Award Winning Architects Williamson - Williamson Were Enlisted By 3Gen Development Group To Create This Vision

By Williamson - Williamson, I think it means Betsy Williamson and Shane Williamson of

Williamson Chong Architects

, the firm behind the house at

8 Ridout Street in Roncesvalles...

And the current reno being done at

32 Playter Boulevard in Playter Estates...

The photos of this house look like the were done for

Dwell magazine


But I can't seem to find better quality photos.

From what I can see, I love the oiled floors of this house and the fact that the house is modern but they still kept some of the original features like the pocket door, the mouldings, and the windows.

The lights in the house are amazing and I love the kitchen.  I just wish it wasn't a metal fan but a white drywalled, squared off kitchen fan like this one...

 (is that still possible?)

There aren't a lot of pictures of the upstairs but all the rooms are a good size and I love the bathrooms.

And there is no photo of the backyard so it is hard to tell how big it is.

This house is listed at $3,800,000.

Considering that the 3 bedroom house around the corner at

51 Bernard Avenue



sold for $3,352,500


Maybe it's not so high.

Or maybe it is....just a little.

Perhaps they could throw in the lights.




SOLD - 69 Tranby Avenue - ANNEX

SOLD - 69 Tranby Avenue - ANNEX