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264 Lee Avenue - BEACHES

264 Lee Avenue - BEACHES

This is a good house.

It's a new build on a lot that used to look like this...

Like the 4+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom house I posted earlier this week at 182A Moore Avenue...

This house is one of 2 houses built on a large 50 foot lot.

But this house is a 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 25.7 x 102 foot lot with its own drive and garage. 

I don't necessarily love the outside (but it's better than the blue one being built beside it), and it kind of reminds me of the house at 239 Kenilworth Avenue...

But this one is better both inside and out.

As far as new build interiors go, this one is REALLY good.  If you don't like the open concept idea or the glass railings, it might not be for you.  But if you are into that, there is nothing in this house that is super off-putting.

The floors are good, the kitchen is good, there are good built-ins throughout the house, the bedrooms are a good size with good closets.  And the third floor master bedroom suite has a door and a huge deck with a great bathroom/closest layout.

The basement is great if you don't need another bedroom and it has a great bar with Pellegrino.  And the backyard, though not super large, feels like it has lots of space.

In May, the house at 239 Kenilworth Avenue was listed at $1,989,000 and sold for $2,100,000.

This house is listed at the same asking price of $1,989,000...

But I think this one is selling closer to $2.45.

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