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AND IT WENT FOR - 17 Albemarle Avenue - RIVERDALE

AND IT WENT FOR - 17 Albemarle Avenue - RIVERDALE

It was a good looking house that was the home of

Gord Downie


The Tragically Hip

 (not sure where he moved to)...

The house was on a wide lot but, for a 3 bedroom house, I thought the asking price of $2,495,000 was a little high.

It didn't sell and 2 weeks later,

this 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached house with a 2 car garage on a 20 x 144 foot lot was listed down the street at 17 Albemarle Avenue


It was a house that needed a LOT of work and, according to my post last year, had something weird on the back porch...

(I have no idea what I was talking about!)

The asking price was $1,195,000.

Even though it was on a lot that was less than half the size and needed a ton of work, I thought it would sell fast.

Downie's house 

sold in November 2015 for $2,230,000

 after a price drop in 

October to $2,249,000

 (that had a pretty good listing video). 

And on Wednesday, over a year after being initially listed, this house was back on the market for $1,249,000.



in 1 day for...


36 Hazelton Avenue #2a - YORKVILLE (UPDATE)

36 Hazelton Avenue #2a - YORKVILLE (UPDATE)

SOLD - 41 Broadleaf Road - DON MILLS

SOLD - 41 Broadleaf Road - DON MILLS