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SOLD - 255 Blythwood Road - SHERWOOD PARK

SOLD - 255 Blythwood Road - SHERWOOD PARK

This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a 40 x 173 foot lot at 255 Blythwood Road in Sherwood Park.

It was listed at the beginning of June for $1,750,000.

Considering the location on what can be a very busy street and the fact that there are a lot of outside stairs to get from the garage to the house...

Not to mention the fact that the house needs a LOT of work, I'm not surprised it sat for 2 months (finally

selling under ask

at $1,670,000).

But I am surprised that I didn't notice the listing earlier or that no one sent it in when there were paintings like this on the wall...

At first, I see Will Ferrell in snorkelling gear.

But then I realized, it was giving more of a Bill Murray vibe from '

A Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

' with the mix of this photo...

And this photo.

The man in the painting is just missing the red toque.

Then I saw this painting...

Which is a monkey on a horse but reminds me of a cross between this

Murray Mitchell

painting of Bill Murray...

And this painting of Bill Murray on a horse from


(which I have not seen but may have to now)...

And though I find the lot interesting with lots of potential, the rest of the house other than the paintings?

Not so exciting.

And if the house isn't renovated with an addition at the back, this house will probably end up looking like the neighbour...

And though the house isn't super exciting, here is a good tour of a boat name 'The Belafonte'...

And if you are bored, 

click here

 to watch a slightly wonky version of the whole movie...

 P.S.  I think that movie poster may have been the colour inspiration for the interior of the house as well.

photos via

bill murray photo








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