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This is a 3+1 bedroom, 3 bathroom detached house (doesn't look like it) on a 25 x 75 foot lot north of Queen Street at 83 Seaforth Avenue in Parkdale.

It is a house that looked like this a year ago...

vancouver condos for sale.jpg

It was a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom duplex and and the asking price was $624,000.

I'm not sure what it sold for but it has been totally gutted and is back on the market.

For the most part, I like it.  I don't love the kitchen and wish they had made the door a window so that the counters went all the way to the back of the house (or move the pantry to that corner) and put a big glass door where the pantry is.  

And it drives me nuts when the stove and dishwasher are right beside each other.  It just limits the amount of people who can be working in the kitchen at the same time.

I can't figure out where the closets are in the master but if there aren't any, I suppose they could be added along the wall where the chairs are.

The other bedrooms look fine and the basement is finished with another bathroom.  Because of the snow, it's hard to tell what is going on with the backyard but if it hasn't been done, there is potential.

Overall, this is a good flip with a few things that I'm not crazy about but aren't that big of a deal.

The asking price is $989,000.

If the house at 16 Silver Avenue...

Calgary condos for sale.jpg

That was a better reno at the north end of Roncesvalles.  But it was much narrower semi and both are about the same distance to Dundas West.  And if it could sell for $1,150,000 in April...

 I don't see why this won't sell for asking if not a little more...

Even if a glass door would have been better at the back, closets may need to be installed in the master, and the backyard potential needs to be done.

AND IT WENT FOR - 32 Elmer Avenue - BEACHES

AND IT WENT FOR - 32 Elmer Avenue - BEACHES

SOLD - 47 Foursome Crescent - YORK MILLS (2 Comments)

SOLD - 47 Foursome Crescent - YORK MILLS (2 Comments)