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1597 Bathurst Street, Unit 5 - FOREST HILL (8 Comments)

1597 Bathurst Street, Unit 5 - FOREST HILL (8 Comments)

An apartment in 'The Hemingway' that is in the building that was once home to Ernest Hemingway (hence the name of the building) is for sale.

I may be alone...

But I was not aware that Hemingway lived in Toronto and have always wondered why this building was called 'The Hemingway'.  



It also just dawned on me that this may be why Hemingway's in Yorkville is named 'Hemingway's'...

ernest hemingway.gif

Since I was unaware of this information, or my brain is just full of stuff like this...

(That has nothing to do with this post but I can't get it out of my mind and that gif above isn't helping, though I don't think he is drinking Maria Christina, but you never know)

 I did some research.

According to this article in the Torontoist , Hemingway moved to Toronto with Harriet Connable to look after her son.  As per a caption from the book Hemingway:  A Life Without Consequences, Harriet lived on Lyndhurst Avenue with her husband, Ralph Connable, who was the head of F. W. Woolworth at the time.

Hemingway was not a fan of looking after the Connable's son and soon took a job writing for the Toronto Daily Star.  And while he was employed at The Star, he lived in this building at 1597-1599 Bathurst Street.

But this is not THE apartment as he apparently lived in #19 according to this article in My Town Crier.   That apartment has since been renovated.

And from the looks of the photos for this unit, so has this apartment.

It has a new kitchen, new bathrooms, whitewashed floors, and a whole lot of white paint.

And it looks great.

It's large (the kitchen, not so much), it's bright (including the kitchen which is rare in these buildings), and there are 3+1 bedrooms but only 1 bathroom in 1348 square feet .

The asking price is $799,000 with monthly fees of $896.61 that include utilities.

Whether or not you were unaware like me to the fact that Hemingway used to live here and that this building has a past...

This is a good condo in a neighbourhood that is seeing lots of growth with lots of new,  but possibly characterless, condos while this one has an interesting history and beautiful, old windows.

But do you want to overlook busy Bathurst with a south and west exposure?  Especially with only a small A/C unit in the window in the kitchen?  

That might be a problem.

Otherwise, this is a great apartment.

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