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491 Strathmore Boulevard - EAST DANFORTH (14 Comments)

491 Strathmore Boulevard - EAST DANFORTH (14 Comments)

This is a 3+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom semi on an 18 x 100 foot lot with a detached garage at 491 Strathmore Boulevard just north of the Danforth and west of Woodbine in East Danforth.

It is a  semi that used to look like this...

491 Strathmore Blvd before.png

So, there has been some work to it including painting the siding which makes a big difference.

Inside, there has also been a full renovation with floors that I am not so crazy about and tile at the front door that immediately made me think of Q-Bert...


Which I never really got into but if you did, you can play it here along with some others that I did like such as BurgerTime and Donkey Kong, along with Space Invaders, PacMan and Ms. Pacman, not to mention Froggere (1980's Crossy Road) just to name a few.

The layout is a little weird for a house this size with a recent reno as people tend to open these houses up but it does still sort of have an open feel with the long hallway into the kitchen.

As for the kitchen, it has a lot of storage.  But what is with that step down to the stove?  I don't know about you but I don't want the possibility of walking to the sink and forgetting about the step while carrying a boiling pot of water.  Just me?  Why wouldn't they have put the storage where the stove is and put the stove along the wall where the storage is now?  It's weird.  

But if that doesn't bother you, it's a good house with a renovated bathroom (with perhaps some dodgy tiling) and a basement apartment that hasn't been touched but has a tenant who wants to stay.

Thing is...

That kitchen.

And the back yard is tiny...

491 Strathmore Blvd 53.png

Plus, that garage looks too short to fit anything taller than a big wheel...

Big wheel.png

So, if you need a parking spot (that white car in the before photos seems to belong to the neighbour), perhaps you could tear down the garage and make a parking spot/more back yard where you could park on the street if you need more space and have the whole lot to use as a yard.

In general, this is a good move-in-ready house with income to help pay the mortgage.

But I think I would have a big problem with that stove location.

If you don't mind it and you are into this house...

It is listed at $1,079,000.

And it has been listed for several months so maybe you could get it for a little less...

Even with the Pellegrino.

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