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PRICE DROP - 166 Crescent Road - ROSEDALE, TORONTO (4 Comments)

PRICE DROP - 166 Crescent Road - ROSEDALE, TORONTO (4 Comments)

In October 2013, I posted this 7+1 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms on a 100 x 580 foot lot at 166 Crescent Road in Rosedale, Toronto.

It was a huge old house in Rosedale that had looked a little run down, but had been under renovation for a while.  I had assumed it was a private home but, when it was put up for sale so soon after the renovations, I realized...

It must be a flip.


Then I saw the kitchen...

166 Crescent kitchen 3rd.png

And thought...


THAT was the kitchen for this house!?!  It was worse than I thought.

It was listed at $11,388,000.

That must not have been the main kitchen, right?

It didn't sell and six months later, the house was on the market again at a price drop to $8,800,000 with photos of the main kitchen (the above kitchen was in the third floor)...



With this fridge...


And my thought was...


Don't get me wrong.  It's not that it is a bad kitchen or a bad fridge.  It's just not the kitchen for an almost $9,000,000 house and not a fridge for a kitchen of an almost $9,000,000 house.

And to think what this place could have been...


I thought it was going to be a tough sell.

A month later, it sold for about 94% of list...


Two years later, it was back on the market but not with that kitchen as the feature.  This house was being sold as 'An Empty Lot' with architectural plans for a complete redo of the house to make it a 6+1 bedroom, 8 bathroom house.

This was the concept photo...


With these floor plans that I didn't love...

Overall, this house is amazing.  Or could be amazing.  And it is a beautiful house on an incredible lot in south Rosedale.

But it needs a LOT of work to make it right for this house.

The new asking price was $9,999,900.

It still hasn't sold, and I am not sure when, but it has had a price drop.

The new asking price is...


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