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30 Whitehall Road - NORTH ROSEDALE

30 Whitehall Road - NORTH ROSEDALE

This 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home is currently listed at $1,795,000.  That is the same price as this house at 320 Glen Road which is basically down the street and around the corner.  Though the photos of the Glen Road house are terrible, it is clearly a nicer house.  Actually, the pictures of this house aren't great either.  I want to see EVERYTHING.

Enough about the photos...this house needs a lot of updating.  The kitchen looks like it is about 15 years old (though it is hard to tell as the pictures are not great), there is no first floor powder room (and who knoww what the bathrooms even look like), the 4th bedroom can only be accessed through the sitting room and back to the kitchen, it is small.

The Glen Road house was recently renovated from top to bottom and designed by Connie Braemar, has a first floor powder room, the kitchen is small but all new...

Though the Glen Road house is close to the train tracks, so is this house.  Actually, they are exactly the same distance from the train.  And Whitehall is a very busy street in this neighbourhood.  It is one of only 4 roads that lead to North Rosedale and the street to the backyard is full of trucks heading to the local fancy pants market, Summerhill Market.  The Glen Road house is on a nice, quiet, family friendly street.

There is no comparison.

Stay tuned for my next comparison of a recent listing in the neighbourhood of a 3 bedroom gutter that has been listed for $1,700,000.

It makes 320 Glen Road look like a deal.  More and better pictures please!!!!!

Price Drop!! 31 Dunbar Rd.  FINALLY!! - SOUTH ROSEDALE

Price Drop!! 31 Dunbar Rd. FINALLY!! - SOUTH ROSEDALE

129 St. Clair Avenue West - FOREST HILL

129 St. Clair Avenue West - FOREST HILL