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191 Withrow Avenue - RIVERDALE (UPDATE)

191 Withrow Avenue - RIVERDALE (UPDATE)

According to the listing, this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom semi on a 18.76 x 128 foot lot was once featured in Style at Home magazine.

My guess is that the kitchen was the feature.

Don't get me wrong, the rest of the house is nice but there is something about this shot of the kitchen that looksvery  Style at Home-ish...

It's the first aid box and tomato sauce with the open shelves and white subway tile.  

This house isn't huge but it is move right in.  If there isn't already, the new owner might want to create a separate basement entrance at the back because, from the looks of the front hall, this place needs a mudroom.

But other than that, it is great.

I am normally not crazy about posts in the middle of the room but actually find this one charming.  And that is a good thing since I don't think that is going anywhere as it houses the intake vent.

Upstairs, the bedrooms aren't huge but they are good for a young family.  The bathroom is quite small but doesn't seem to need any work.

The backyard is great and there is one parking spot.

This house is listed at $775,700.

Considering that the house down the street at 145 Withrow Avenue that could use some updating and had one less washroom sold for $729,000 in February, is this the right asking price?

That house seemed slightly larger but the style of this house will appeal to more people.  And if it does, there is no work to do.

I don't think this house will sell over.

But it will be VERY close to asking, if not on the nose.

Then again...it does have a finished basement.  All you need is that mudroom!

P.S.  LOVE the tree.

UPDATE:  thanks to Stuart for pointing out the neighbour's trailer that I forgot to mention! 

Will it help, hinder, or have no effect on the sale?


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