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Last week, I posted a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 unit coach house at 42B Grant Street in Leslieville.

When I posted it, I said the idea of it kind of reminded me of the house at 5 Miles Place that I really liked...

Then I saw this place!

It is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom laneway house on a 17.67 x 35.21 foot lot and it is located across the lane from the house at 5 Miles Place.

But though they look very similar on the outside, they are quite different inside. 

As crazy as it sounds, this house feels a lot larger.

It is on 4 floors with the main bedroom on the first floor and a second bedroom that is being used as an office in the basement (for some reason, I would want to switch that).  The main living space is on the second floor and it has a REALLY high ceiling with lots of windows and light making it feel bigger than it is!

Actually, the windows and the walls are kind of reminding me of the Outremont house I posted on Monday at 237 Av. Querbes that was listed at $1,525,000.

The kitchen itself isn't huge and doesn't have a ton of storage, but it is simple and I like it.  There is room for a dining table if you would want one.  And though it isn't really a big deal, it's a little annoying that you have to go through the kitchen to get to the deck.  Again, not a big deal.

But it is a great deck!

5 Miles, that was not as big and did not have a deck sold for $662,558 in March.  I had thought it could sell for $715,000.

This house was listed at $829,000.

That seems like a BIG difference but this place is bigger, it's brighter, and it's a little more 'done'.

It sold...

For $829,000!!!

Must have been the Pellegrino!

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SOLD - 52 Harper Avenue - MOORE PARK

SOLD - 52 Harper Avenue - MOORE PARK

PRICE DROP - 236 Poplar Plains Road - SOUTH HILL

PRICE DROP - 236 Poplar Plains Road - SOUTH HILL