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97 Dewson Street - DUFFERIN GROVE

97 Dewson Street - DUFFERIN GROVE

I really like this house.

It's pretty dated, like a LOT dated, but that is part of the charm!

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom semi on a 23.5 x 60 foot lot.

So, it only has 2 bedrooms, there is no parking (thought it doesn't look like a problem on this street), and the lot is not deep...

But it is a good house that has been really well taken care of.

Currently, it is set up as only a two bedroom house.  The other 2+1 rooms are an office, a family room, and a laundry room.  

The first floor is covered in 2x2 tiles that creeps up to counters and down stairs, but I kind of like it.  Though I don't love the fabric, I like the built in bench.  I think I would use it for dining room chairs though and have a living room at the front.  The drop down to the back doors isn't very kid friendly but that is an easy fix.  

The kitchens and bathrooms have seen better days but they are livable.

And for only 60 feet, the backyard isn't bad!

This house is listed at $979,000.

It could be move right in, or floors, kitchens and bathrooms could be redone.  Maybe to look something like the semi at 79 Crawford Street in Niagara that sold in September for $1,365,100.

And that could all be done for less than $200,000.

So, if the house around the corner at 113 Delaware Avenue with a larger lot and 2 parking spots that was listed at $949,000 in May and sold for $1,221,000....

Can this sell for $1,150,000?


Maybe even $1,165,000.

P.S. I like the new grey paint a lot more than the black...

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