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98 Moore Avenue - MOORE PARK

98 Moore Avenue - MOORE PARK

Yesterday, a reader sent in this 4+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom semi on a 26.17 x 144 foot lot with 1 parking spot at 98 Moore Avenue in Moore Park.

It's a good looking house.

And it's basically a repeat of the house around the corner at 22 Cornish Road that was listed at $1,489,000 in November 2011, and that sold for$1,410,000.

It's also a repeat of 70 Hilton Avenue in Casa Loma...

And 70 Glenwood Avenue in High Park...

And 1 Hurdale Avenue in Playter Estates.

This looks like the work of the Cornish Flippers.

But for some reason, they didn't redo all the floors in this house.  Actually, it looks like there are 4 different hard woods in this house!  And there are also at least 4 types of doors!!!

That would drive me crazy.

Plus, they haven't updated all the washrooms.

And that walk in closet?  That looks tiny.

The kitchen is very similar to all the other kitchens which is fine.  I would have preferred a waterfall counter on that island and I don't understand why they didn't turn that back area a family room area.

But all in all...

This is a good house.

And the neighbour's have this in their backyard...

This house is listed at $1,549,000.

Or 9% higher than what 22 Cornish sold for 2 years ago.

From my simple math/guesstimate (there could be research somewhere that proves me wrong, but I don't read that stuff), this market has been growing at about 10% a year...so this is underpriced.

Because of the floors and the doors though, I am not sure this will go 20% higher than Cornish even though it is 2 years later...

But I do think it could sell for $1,635,000...maybe a little higher.

There is that tree house slide in the neighbour's yard!


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