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170 Markham Street - LITTLE ITALY

170 Markham Street - LITTLE ITALY

This is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house/condo with a backyard and a garage at 170 Markham Street in Little Italy.

In May, I posted the other 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo(?) attached to this unit at 170A Markham Street.

I loved it.

It was a basically a house that had an interesting layout with the 2 units having both front and back views depending on the room.  That unit had the first floor at the front with a walk down a long skinny hallway to get to the backyard and this one has a long skinny front hall with immediate access to the backyard.

Otherwise, these houses are the same.

Except this one doesnt' have a complete fence and this is what you see from the back deck...

Guess they like the neighbours!

This house was done by the same people who flipped the house at 49 Brookfield Street that I also loved.

That house sold for $1,265,000.

And though that was a house, not a condo like this house, I thought 170A Markham Street that was listed at $1,279,000 could sell for $1,365,000.

It didn't.  According to a reader (thanks J!), the attached condo at 170A sold for $1.2.

So it is interesting that this house is listed at $1,259,000.

I suppose you could say it is worth a little more as the living room is right at the backyard.  

But if basically the same unit just sold for $1,200,000, is someone going to pay $60,000 more for this place?


Especially if they finish that fence.

P.S.  West Elm did well with the sale of all the light fixtures!

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