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221 Langley Avenue - RIVERDALE

221 Langley Avenue - RIVERDALE


Someone needs a new camera.

Secondly, the person who buys this house is going to need a lot of primer.

This house is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom detached house on a 20 x 115 foot lot at 221 Langley Avenue.  From what I can tell from the grainy pictures, it's move right in.

So, this is Riverdale.  Why only $789,945?  For a detached!?!

Well...I think it has something to do with this...

 That is the alleyway entrance to the garage of this house...

And it backs right onto the No Frills parking lot.

Not awesome.  

But no terrible.

It's a good looking house.  

And regardless of the location backing onto the parking lot, unless this house has issues, I think it will sell over ask.

Probably not by a HUGE amount.  but I think it will go over.

It is pretty convenient to be right across the street from the public school...

184 Pearson Avenue - RONCESVALLES

184 Pearson Avenue - RONCESVALLES

RELISTED - 69 Old Forest Hill Road - FOREST HILL

RELISTED - 69 Old Forest Hill Road - FOREST HILL