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184 Pearson Avenue - RONCESVALLES

184 Pearson Avenue - RONCESVALLES

I really like this house.

It's a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom semi on a 20.5 x 135 foot lot with 2 laneway parking spots.

Look at it...

It is VERY welcoming (okay, the front porch might need a new coat of paint).

Inside, though I don't love the paint, and the kitchen isn't my favourite, it's just as good.

It has a warm, welcoming feeling throughout.  It's not a huge house, but if feels like there is lots of space.  It has a family room, a first floor powder room, and a finished basement (that looks very recent) with good ceiling height.  

There are 3 different types of wood on the first floor which I am normally not crazy about, but for some reason, it feels okay here.  As I mentioned, the kitchen isn't my favourite, but it works and you don't have to walk past the stove to load the dishwasher from the sink like the house at 90 Ivy Avenue.

The rooms upstairs aren't massive, but they work.  And the bathroom is a good size for a small family with 2 sinks.

But why no pictures of the loft?

This house is listed at $895,000.

If the house that I really liked at 36 Westminster Avenue sold for $917,000......

Whose new owners happened to email to tell me...

After 60 plus houses seen and losing out on 5-6 houses from bidding wars things were looking bleak. Losing out by as high as $150k and as low as $1000.  In the end it was your website and not MLS or our agent that helped us find our dream house and location. 

Then this house is going over a million.

With the family room and that loft (whatever it looks like) that could potentially leave room for a third floor master addition ...

I'm guessing this one's going closer to $1,125,000.  Perhaps a little less.

If that proximity to Roncesvalles turns out to be a bad thing.


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