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AND IT WENT FOR - 319 Arlington Avenue - HUMEWOOD

AND IT WENT FOR - 319 Arlington Avenue - HUMEWOOD

Last December, I posted this 4+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 25 x 103.63 foot lot at 319 Arlington Avenue in Humewood.

It was a rebuild flip that was completely redone with an extension that used to look like this when it was listed for $599,000...

When it was for sale last year, it had been partially redone and the rendering photo looked like this...

The asking price was $1,149,800.

It didn't sell and a few weeks later, the price was dropped to $999,800.

Guess it never sold because it was back on the market in October with the new grey look and a new price.

The asking price for the complete house was $1,199,800.

The house itself wasn't super exciting, but furniture could change that.

When I posted it in November, the price had come down again (and apparently so did that tree the day after)...

To $1.049,800.

It just sold...

For $1,065,000.

Just $13,687 more than the Riverdale gutter at 2 Grandview Avenue.

Or $85,000 more than the very similar house at 65 Seymour Avenue in the Pocket.

6 Bellhaven Road - WOODBINE

6 Bellhaven Road - WOODBINE

171 Willow Avenue - BEACHES

171 Willow Avenue - BEACHES