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97 Wroxeter Avenue - BLAKE-JONES (UPDATE)

97 Wroxeter Avenue - BLAKE-JONES (UPDATE)

This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached house on a 20 x 107 foot lot at 97 Wroxeter Avenue.

Here is a picture of it from Google streetview that does it a little more justice...

It's a nice house.

It is on the east side of Pape and is not part of the Riverdale school district, unlike the house at 78 Harcourt Avenue that was also on the east side of Pape, but for some reason is in the Riverdale school district.

That house was a larger semi that needed a ton of work.  It was listed at $599,000.  It sold for $675,000.

This house listed at $649,000.

It also needs work as it has been owned by the same family for 60 years, but there is no parking and it isn't in the 'Riverdale school district'.

But it's a detached house, 

Thing is, is it a $900,000 house once the work is done?

Yes, and probably more.

It is a nice dead end street only steps to Riverdale park, so I think it could be worth more.

Considering that the similarily sized house 221 Langley Avenue that was in not as good a location (minus the school across the street) that sold for $780,000...

I think this house will probably sell closer to $715,000.

UPDATE:  Then again...the small semi at

51 West Lynn Avenue

just sold for $511,000.


SOLD - 51 West Lynn Avenue - THE DANFORTH

SOLD - 51 West Lynn Avenue - THE DANFORTH

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