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10 Bishop Street - YORKVILLE

10 Bishop Street - YORKVILLE

This is a 2+1 bedroom, 3 bathroom semi on a 22.08 x 60 fot lot at 10 Bishop Street in Yorkville.

For the most part, I like it. 

It was last listed in February 2013 for $895,000.

So, though it has been 2 years, I still think this is a flip.  It has flippish floors and the kitchen is a little flippish.  Why didn't they customize the cupboards so they went up to the ceiling?  Whenever I see that type of cupboard, I just think of a lot of dust build up.

And I am not so much into that coutnertop colour.  Or rounded table.

But as a whole, this is a good house in a central location.  And it's close to shopping...

Or were these bags supposed to look like Galentine's Day presents considering it was listed two days before Galentine's Day...

But February 11 wasn't the first time this place was listed.

It was also listed in October 2014 for $1,449,000.

Obviously, it didn't sell and it was back on the market last week.  The new asking price is...


Considering that the 1+1 bedroom at 14 Bishop Street (though it had a red kitchen and wasn't as nice) ...

Didn't sell at $669,000...

Or that the house at the end of the street with 2 parking spots, 4 Geminis, and 1 Emmy at 34 Bishop Street...

Sold for $1,139,000 in 2012...

Unless this BMW and motorcycle belong to this house...

There is no parking.

I still think it's a little high.


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