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197 Victor Avenue - RIVERDALE

197 Victor Avenue - RIVERDALE

If this 3+1 bedroom, 3 bathroom semi on a 16.58 x 100 foot lot with a detached garage at 197 Victor Avenue in Riverdale looks familiar...

 It's because it was listed 2 years ago.

It was initially listed at $799,000 only to raise the price 2 weeks later to $839,000.

It sold for $825,000.

When I first saw the current listing, I thought that perhaps something had gone wrong with that deal because the paint was the same, the curtains were the same, and all the furniture basically looked like the same furniture.  

But it isn't the same.  

It was so similar though that I was starting to think that perhaps this was just staged.

But I found 'The Book of Rock'...

To be a weird book for staging.

And the music room in the back of the basement with the Slash hat and wig...

Would be a new staging technique.

So, it's clear this wasn't staged.

But the whole thing is a little odd considering that someone is in the basement dressed like this...

Watching this video trying to learn how to play 'Paradise City'...

While someone is upstairs sleeping in a sleigh bed.

It's just not what I was expecting.  But regardless, it is a good house.

The new asking price is $989,900.

That's about right for a 10% annual increase.  Wonder if they will throw in the hat.

P.S. Coincidentally (and though you may think otherwise, Saul Hudson did not contact us to advertise)...

 Slash is currently on tour!

Unfortunately, there are no more Canadian stops...

But if you if you live in Chicago, he'll be there May 18!


AND IT WENT FOR - 197 Victor Avenue - RIVERDALE

AND IT WENT FOR - 197 Victor Avenue - RIVERDALE