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72 Alcina Avenue - WYCHWOOD

72 Alcina Avenue - WYCHWOOD

This is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached house on a 20 x 140 foot lot with a detached garage at 72 Alcina Avenue in Wychwood.

Though I have never been to New Orleans, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this house.

And as this photo shows from an article about New Orleans architecture...

I'm not so crazy.

It also reminded me a bit of the house at 33 Lowther Avenue...


(That I am still not sure if it ever sold or not at the last list price of $3,150,000.)

But this house is not as big, it's not in the Annex, and it is NOT listed at $3.15 million.

Though this isn't a big house, it is a good house with a good yard and a garage.

It is listed at $975,000.

This is a great neighbourhood, and this is a great house, but it isn't large and it is only 2 bedrooms.  I think this price might be a little high...not too much, just a little.

P.S. If you moved here, would you switch the dining room and living room?  I think I would.


AND IT WENT FOR - 32 Chester Avenue - THE DANFORTH

AND IT WENT FOR - 32 Chester Avenue - THE DANFORTH

280 Wright Avenue - RONCESVALLES

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