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114 Argyle Street - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

114 Argyle Street - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

When a couple of readers sent in this 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 20 x 139 foot lot at 114 Argyle Street a few weeks ago...

My first thought was that it was a good looking house.

But then I saw the inside and couldn't figure out how they could make an old house look so much like a 1990s new build on the inside.

Then I looked at the streetview...

And realized that this isn't an old house that has had all the charm gutted out of the interior.  

This, though I could be wrong, looks like it is a newish build, not a 123 year old house like the house in my earlier post at 104 Victor Avenue.

As the house is, it is a move in ready house.  I just can't figure out who would move here as it is.  

Especially at the price.

This house is listed at $1,899,000.

Sure, it's a large house with a good sized yard and a 2 car garage.  

I just think the person who is going to spend that amount of money in this neighbourhoood is going to want something a little more up-to-date.

Which would mean a lot of work.

So, unless they find someone looking in this neighbourhood who likes it the way it is (which I am not sure they will)...

I think that asking price is going to be REALLY tough.

(thanks to S and J for sending this in!)


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