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46 Nanton Avenue - ROSEDALE

46 Nanton Avenue - ROSEDALE

If this place looks familiar, it's because I posted it in October 2012 when the listing photo looked like this...

It's a 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 50 x 150 foot lot at 46 Nanton Avenue in South Rosedale.

It was a good house, but it had an interesting living room colour scheme.  And I couldn't figure out when that bar in the kitchen was done, plus the upstairs bathrooms were kind of dated.

But overall, this was a great family house.

It was listed at $3,250,000.

I thought it would sell fast and closer to $3,400,000.

A month later, it sold for $3,000,000.

And two and a half years later, it's on the market again.

Other than paint, nothing has been changed.  It's still a good house, but those bathrooms are a bit dated.  That bar though, I don't know if it is because the purple couch is gone, but I kind of like it now.

Otherwise, it is the exact same.

The new asking price is...


Looks like they have added the reported 8% annual increase (though in most Toronto neighbourhoods, I think it is 10%) to get to that price because if you were to use a compounded interest calculator...

The asking price would be $3,636,475.

So, I guess they just rounded up.

Will it sell for the new asking price?

With no changes or updates (that are visible at least)...

I am not so sure.

But I do like it.


43 Birch Avenue - SUMMERHILL

43 Birch Avenue - SUMMERHILL

37 Grenadier Road - RONCESVALLES

37 Grenadier Road - RONCESVALLES