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37 Grenadier Road - RONCESVALLES

37 Grenadier Road - RONCESVALLES

This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom row house on a 14.25 x 127 foot lot with a garage at 37 Grenadier Road in Roncesvalles.

It isn't a huge house, but it is a good house.  And it shows really well (I'm just not sure why they got all new windows throughout, but not in the middle bedroom).

The basement isn't finished, but from the floor plans...

You can see that there is a possibility of making it a separate apartment.  I just don't know how you would get in there without going through the house, or without redoing the front porch or back deck.

But it's there.

This house is listed at $797,900.

If it hasn't sold already which it may be...

If the house at 46 Fermanagh Avenue could sell for $900,000 a year ago...

And the attached neighbour at 48 Fermanagh that I never posted could sell (I think) around $960,000...

I'm thinking this is selling closer to $845,000...

Maybe $865,000.

That outdoor furniture is really selling this place!

And that case of Heineken I forgot to mention. 


46 Nanton Avenue - ROSEDALE

46 Nanton Avenue - ROSEDALE

PRICE DROP #5 - 52 Heath Street East - DEER PARK

PRICE DROP #5 - 52 Heath Street East - DEER PARK