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PRICE DROP #5 - 52 Heath Street East - DEER PARK

PRICE DROP #5 - 52 Heath Street East - DEER PARK

This house has been listed for a while.

It's a 5+2 bedroom, 8 bathroom house on a 29 x 132 foot lot at 52 Heath Street East in Deer Park.  I first posted it in January 2014, but it had been on the market since November 2013.  

The initial asking price was $3,499,000.

There was no way they were getting that price.

By the time I posted it, the price had been dropped to $3,399,000.

Then to in March, the price was down to $3,259,000.  By June, it was down to $2,950,000.

Annnnd then to $2,789,000 in November.

In January, it had another drop and as a reader pointed out, they had finally done something about those 'Interview with a Vampire' railings at the front...

Not all of them, and the interior railings still remained, but it was something.

But the price was still too high.


As another reader put it...

unfortunately, they have overbuilt for that block. theoretically, it's a great location on a dead end street across from a public school, but the reality is that the block is a mess of rentals, too close to commercial properties and in a high traffic area that is just too close to St. Clair and Yonge. plus, it's got too much going on in the front...


Even though this has 8 bathrooms (which is still crazy in a house this size!), and the new listing has the floor plans to see how that works...

I still think the new asking price is too high.


Getting closer though!

P.S.  Is it me or is that nanny's suite TINY!?!?  It might be smaller than the nanny's suite at 17 Berryman Street in Yorkville!


37 Grenadier Road - RONCESVALLES

37 Grenadier Road - RONCESVALLES

PRICE DROP - 9 Strathearn Road - CEDARVALE

PRICE DROP - 9 Strathearn Road - CEDARVALE