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68 Pricefield Road - ROSEDALE

68 Pricefield Road - ROSEDALE

In August 2013, I posted a house at 66 Pricefield Road in Rosedale...

It was the attached house to this house.

I was curious to see the inside of that house, but it wasn't as exciting as I had thought it would be.  For example, there was tile like this in one of the bathrooms...

66 Pricefield 2.png

This house on the other hand, is more of what I would have thought the neighbour would have been.

There isn't a lot of furniture happening, but the pieces that are there are nice, like these chairs...

And I really like this print...

 And this (not loving the colours but the love style)...

And that girl's room is amazing...

(That is a pretty extensive American Doll collection!)

This is definitely a move right in house and there is nothing that needs to be changed...but the kitchen is a little dated.  And the layout of the family room and the kitchen is kind of odd.

So....if you were going to renovate the kitchen...

Switching the family room and the kitchen and opening up that back wall to the yard (that isn't there right now but the fence could be moved) would make a huge difference.

And currently, the basement isn't finished but that could be done as well to increase the living space from 2,400 square feet, to provide another family room, a bathroom, a mudroom, and a proper laundry room.

This is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on a 26.33 x 115.41 foot lot with a garage and a parking spot.

It is steps to a park and Yonge Street (I don't get why this is only an 88 walk score).

The neighbour at 66 Pricefield was listed at $1,550,000.  

Because it was only 3 bedrooms and the fact that it was a little dated (and I don't think it had a finished basement either) and on a corner lot, I thought it might sell under.

It sold for $1,625,000.

This house is listed at $1,799,000.

Almost 2 years later, is this house worth $174,000 more than the attached house!?!

Well, if you consider these houses to be equal (I prefer this house and it has 4 bedrooms vs 3)...

With a 10% annual increase...

This house should sell for...


Sounds about right...maybe even $1,925,000.


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