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70 Glencairn Avenue - LYTTON PARK

This is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on a 25 x 174 foot lot with a 1 car parking spot at 70 Glencairn Avenue in Lytton Park.

It's a good looking house.  It's bright, it's clean.  It has what looks like a fairly maintenance free front garden.

It's a titch dated and I would want to get rid of that white stuff under the soffits (or is it fascias?), but it is a really good house in a good family neighbourhood.

It is listed at $1,495,000.

Since it is only 3 bedrooms, it seems a little high...

But considering that the house down the street at 115 Glencairn Avenue...

On a slightly larger 30 x 120 foot lot sold for $1,366,000...

This doesn't seem so crazy at all.

Wonder what the neighbour at 72 Glencairn sold for in August...

392 Markham Street - PALMERSTON

214 Rusholme Road - DUFFERIN GROVE

214 Rusholme Road - DUFFERIN GROVE