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PRICE DROP - 6 Munro Park Avenue - BEACHES

PRICE DROP - 6 Munro Park Avenue - BEACHES

In July, I posted this 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 50 x 119.5 foot lot at 6 Munro Park Road just steps to the beach in the Beaches.

The reader who sent it in said...

'Vastly overpriced house in the Beaches!'

The asking price was $4,295,000.



Sure, it may be about as close to the beach as it gets in the Beaches....

But, considering that kitchen wasn't going to be for everyone, it was a little high.  

It never sold and has had a price drop.

The new asking price for this house is...


Is it still a little high?

I think so, but it's getting close.

447 Castlefield Avenue - ALLENBY

447 Castlefield Avenue - ALLENBY

392 Markham Street - PALMERSTON