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31 Wychwood Avenue - WYCHWOOD

31 Wychwood Avenue - WYCHWOOD

This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached house on a 27.5 x 60 foot lot at 31 Wychwood Avenue in Wychwood.

It's a good looking house from the outside, and though I was expecting it to be bigger on the inside (I hadn't seen the lot size), the inside is a bright, move-in-ready house.

Though this isn't a flip, it was renovated about 3 or 4 years ago because this is what it used to look like when it was last listed in 2010 (I think) for $699,000...

There were no floor plan changes (except for a random diagonal wall in the basement) and there was no addition (because there is no room), and the floors haven't changed...

But the kitchen was updated with a switch in the walk out to go from the dining room.  And all the windows seem to have been updated.  I kind of wish they made the kitchen window a little larger though...

The bathroom hasn't been touched and the basement is the same (minus that wall).

But the back deck is new.

It is now listed at $849,000.

This is a good house, but the backyard is small and there is no parking.

But that didn't stop the row house at 385 Albany Avenue...

For selling for $810,000...

Before dropping by the 2.5% agent fee as one reader pointed out to $789,750.

So, for the sake of argument....it sold for $810,000.

Then, considering that this is a fully detached house in an arguably better location...

Wouldn't this be worth more than just $40,000 more Albany? 

I'm thinking this will sell closer to $920,000.

current listing

old listing

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