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66 St. Clarens Avenue - LITTLE PORTUGAL

66 St. Clarens Avenue - LITTLE PORTUGAL

This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached house on a 21 x 143 foot lot with a garage and parking for 3 cars at 66 St. Clarens Avenue in Little Portugal.

It's a good house.

The front door makes the entryway kind of dark, but it could be switched to something with a full frosted window panel, or at least some window for light.

The living room isn't huge, but if they switched the couch and chairs, it would probably feel bigger. 

 The kitchen feels a little dated, but is completely usable.  It could also make sense though to open it up to the family room and put big glass doors or windows to the bright backyard and maybe even open it up to the dining room.

Or if you wanted to add a larger master with a bathroom, the house could be extended with a larger family room and a master bath with an ensuite.

Upstairs, the rooms are all a good size.  The basement isn't finished, but it has a bathroom.

And though the house is located right near the tracks, it is a great location between Roncesvalles, Bloordale Village, and Queen West.

This house isn't sitting for long.

Considering that the semi that needed a LOT of work down the street at 14 St. Clarens Avenue...

That was closer to the tracks sold for $466,000 a year and a half ago...

There is no way this is not going over asking.

The asking price for this house is $749,900.

This house will probably sell around $875,000.

But since they have Perrier...

Okay, it's not the more expensive Pellegrino, but as this article comparing the 2 points out...

Perrier at the house, Pellegrino in small bottles when I go out.


I'm going with $945,000....maybe a little more.

Unless, of course, this is a sloppy floor issue and not just the camera angle...

I think it is just the camera angle.


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