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AND IT WENT FOR - 274 Westmoreland Avenue - DOVERCOURT PARK

Last week, I posted this 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom semi on a 17.65 x 132 foot lot at 274 Westmoreland Avenue in Dovercourt Park.

It was a good house, and if you were into the eclectic decor, you would probably love this place.

Turns out, after a little bit of internet investigation...

And after reading the listing pointing out that the designer of this house was Brenda Bent...

I realized that this house had to either be owned by Bent, or her husband Susur Lee...

Or one of their sons who happen to run the Lee owned restuarant named after their mother, Bent, that is located just a few blocks away.

The fact that all the furniture was the same as the furniture in this October 2014 Homefront article about Bent and Lee's house was a bit of a give away as well.

So...considering this house looked like this less than a year ago...

And all that furniture and decor...

Like this doll...

Was in Bent's house only half a year ago...

It was clear that this was a staged flip.  Or her son only lived there for a few months...with all of Bent's furniture.

Either way, as a flip, it was good.  Though I loved the floor tile, it

 .  But for the right buyer, this would be perfect.  And at the price, would leave room for any changes one would want to make on top of what was already done (a gas stove perhaps!?!).

It was listed at $799,000.

I thought it would sell over ask, but not over a million.  I was thinking somewhere closer to $945,000...maybe.

It sold...

For $861,000.

That leaves lots of room for a proper stove.

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