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PRICE DROP - 114 Hazelton Avenue - YORKVILLE

PRICE DROP - 114 Hazelton Avenue - YORKVILLE

Three weeks ago, I posted this 3+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom rowhouse on a 17.5 x 148.7 foot lot at 114 Hazelton Avenue in Yorkville.

Though it has only been on MLS since January...

 It must have been an exclusive listing since at least September as the agents can be seen in the streetview trying to figure out how to price this house...

Okay, I have no idea what they were talking about or whether they used a random number generator to come up with the listing price...

But the listing price was $5,650,000.

For a 3 bedroom that had a very unique layout making it almost unusable for a family and really only workable for a couple or single person...

That was a pretty high price.

I thought the house was ready for a price drop.

Well, three weeks later, and the price has been dropped...

To $5,200,000.

I think there will be another drop.

P.S.  What is this weird staircase?  And walkway that a reader pointed out in the first post?

From the floorplans, there is no door that opens to that walkway....

And those railings look like they belong to the neighbour...

So, I guess that walkway belongs to the neighbour and the owners of this house have to walk through the backyard and into the 'Great Room' to get into the house from the garage?

Not awesome.


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