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93 Glenmore Road - WOODBINE*

93 Glenmore Road - WOODBINE*

This is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom semi on a 20 x 100 foot lot with 2 parking spots at 93 Glenmore Road in the Woodbine neighbourhood.

I'm thinking it is a flip because the listing seems to imply that the kitchen is new...

But the same front porch furniture was in the Google Street view in 2011...

So, I am not sure if this is a flip or just a REALLY recent reno...

Bu they did a good job.  

I'm not super crazy about the front door, but at least it isn't white like before.  The floors are a little glossy for me, and I don't love the tile around the fireplace.

But other than the fact that the basement isn't done, this house is great.  And there is a built-in bar in the dining room...

This house is located around the corner from the similar sized semi at 6 Bellhaven Road that needed a LOT of work.

That house was listed at $425,000.  Despite not having any parking, it sold for $473,100.

This house is move right in (other than the basement), it has 2 parking spaces, and a large deck.

It's listed at $699,000.

This will sell fast.

And probably closer to $765,000.

*edited to remove 'Sold' from the title.


AND IT WENT FOR (AGAIN?) - 385 Albany Avenue - CASA LOMA

AND IT WENT FOR (AGAIN?) - 385 Albany Avenue - CASA LOMA

PRICE DROP - 114 Hazelton Avenue - YORKVILLE

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