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PRICE DROP - 176 Crescent Road - ROSEDALE

PRICE DROP - 176 Crescent Road - ROSEDALE

In December, I posted this 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom house on a 195.25 x 117.60 foot lot at 176 Crescent Road in South Rosedale though it had been on the market since November.

It was a beautiful, old house that apparently has a 'sister' house that is currently a bed and breakfast and is listed for sale for $2,350,000 at 42 Delaware Avenue in Dufferin Grove...

This house is in a LOT better shape.

In this New York Times article that was published the week before I posted this house, the owner said that this house was owned by a charity before she bought it in 2000 and converted it back to a single family home.

Other than that, the article was a little...


This house isn't boring though.  It isn't super amazing because the reno is 15 years old, but it is a beautiful, move-right-in house that still shows as modern-ish.

The asking price was $5,195,000.

But because of the location and the fact that the yard is a side yard on a pretty busy street with pavers...

 I thought this price was a little high.

Looks like I wasn't alone.

The price has now been dropped to...


33 Douglas Crescent - GOVERNOR'S BRIDGE

33 Douglas Crescent - GOVERNOR'S BRIDGE

PRICE DROP - 236 Palmerston Avenue - LITTLE ITALY